I am currently studying the evolutionary history and species relationships within the genus Packera (Asteraceae) with a focus on phylogenomics. I hope that this research will address broad questions that are applicable to other fields of biology, such as: What role does polyploidy play in speciation events? Are there common causes of discordance in phylogenies? What morphological traits or environmental conditions lead to diversifications? Packera is a good model system to address these questions in complicated taxa given how some Packera species carry certain, distinguishable traits while others do not, some are widespread whereas others are endemic to restricted areas, and polyploidy, hybridization, and introgression are common within the genus.


I am also involved in conservation genetic work of the endangered sunflower, Helianthus verticillatus.

Erika R. Moore

PhD student; Mandel Lab

University of Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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phylogenomics • biogeography • plant genetics • climate change • evolution • bioinformatics • character trait evolution • niche differentiation • conservation genetics

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