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In Review

🌻  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Jennifer R. Mandel. Resolving evolutionary relationships in the groundsels: phylogenomics, divergence time estimates, and biogeography of Packera (Asteraceae: Senecioneae).

🌻  Erika R. Moore-Pollard, Jennifer R. Mandel. Packed with Packera: Brief history of the “aureoid Senecio” subgroup classification.

🌼  Jennifer R. Mandel, Erika R. Moore-Pollard, J. Mauricio Bonifacino. The Reinvention of Compositae: Vicki Funk's legacy in the systematics of the largest plant family on Earth.


🌻  Erika R. Moore, Carolina M. Siniscalchi, Jennifer R. Mandel. (2022). Reevaluating genetic diversity and structure of Helianthus verticillatus (Asteraceae) after the discovery of new populations. CASTANEA, 86(2):196-213. Cover image; Southern Appalachian Botanical Society (SABS) Richard and Minnie Windler Award (


🌼  J. Mauricio Bonifacino, Jennifer R. Mandel, Abigail Moore, Erika R. Moore, Benoit Loeuille, Lizzie Roeble. (2021). Capitulum: The Compositae Newsletter reloaded. TAXON, 70(5): 1156-1156. 

🌻  Erika R. Moore. (2021). What in the whorled: The rediscovery of Helianthus verticillatus Small (Heliantheae) over 100 years later. CAPITULUM, 1(1): 61-64.

🌱  Carolina M. Siniscalchi, Robert D. Edwards, Jorge Gomez, Erika R. Moore, Jennifer R. Mandel. (2021). Photosynthesis metabolism in Asteraceae: current knowledge and future directions. TAXON, 70(2): 339-350.

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